INNOVATIVE MEDIA by norhayatun syamilah osman (0328874)

hiii, Syamilah here!

From this module, I hope to enhance my creativity, gain skills that will help those that have trouble with digitization and those who require help with media in various platforms (such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

I like flowers, cute babies, chocolate cakes and waffles topped with ice-cream and fruits!

I'm also ultimately #obsessed with Gudetama!

#isssshhhooooocuteeeeee #obsessed

Assignment 1: E-portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Video Games

The Avatar was practicing his moves when suddenly, an enemy came to attack! Due to the obvious difference in strength, the enemy was easily defeated and the Avatar leveled up. However, after his upgrade, he was faced with a new adversary - The Fruits - and he quickly lost due to his arrogance. Fortunately, a cool ninja arrived to help and sliced all the fruits! He leveled up and consequently earned the title Fruit Ninja. At the next level, the Fruit Ninja was up against The Finger in a hockey game. All was going well until the ninja lost his patience and threw the hockey ball towards The Finger, thus ending the game.

The Iconic 4 In Black
Shoutout to the whole group! <3

Spent 5 hours to take the pictures and edit the whole video!

highlights of the whole activity: #eeeeandressweat #siskascoolillustrations #ryujiscoolninjascarf #syamilahsshortappearance #funnysoundeffects #ryujiboughtussnacks!!

Exercise 2:Viral Content

Exercise 3: Infographics

1st Attempt

Often, people think that drug addiction is easy to overcome and that drugs are safe to use if you don't overdose but the truth is it's not like that, and the truth is not pretty.

2nd Attempt

Top 3 books about drug addiction

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Name: KL Spoonfeeds

Our app is for anyone to use for convenience when they want to;

1. enjoy good food in KL but don't know where to go or where to check,

2. book seats at the restaurant immediately after checking it out in the app,

3. enjoy coupons and/or loyalty stamps when they eat at the restaurants,

4. review and comment of what you feel about the restaurants.

Types of cuisines available
Specifically under Asian
Some of the Japanese restaurants in KL
Description of Fukuya, one of the Japanese restaurants in KL
Further description of Fukuya
Coupons offered by some of the restaurants
Loyalty Cards offered by the restaurants
Loyalty Card stamps with Free gift after 15 stamps
Customer reviews of the restaurants
Sidebar features
Google Map (locations of some of the restaurants)
Make reservations on certain dates and times for a maximum of 10 people

Assignment 2: Short Video

The concept of our video is to try wasabi and sambal with other food combinations. For example, we will combine wasabi with fried chicken and sambal with sushi. It may sound strange, but we promise you it will be interesting! Stay tuned xoxo




1st half :-)
2nd half huhu
Shoutout to Siska for the cute illustrations! <3




Assignment 3: chat stickers

It's about Timothy the cute tomato experiencing six different emotions!


1 Sleepy

Timothy sleeps at his natural habitat with his friends; at a salad bowl with salad.

2 Happy

When Timothy is happy, he is delirious from his head to his (toma)toes! ^_^

3 Sad

Timothy still manages to look cute when he's sad and cries a river :<

4 Working

When Timothy decides to work out, he becomes a Sherry-Timothy (cherry tomato).

5 Angry

Timothy doesn't understand why he's mad at himself but when he gets mad, he ages faster (changes colour quickly), nearly to the point of exploding!

6 Confused

Timothy was shocked to see Appuru but then got confused when Sherry appeared because both Appuru and Sherry look the same!



Created with images by 422737 - "seeds dandelion flower" • ericmcgregor - "baby4.jpg" • blondinrikard - "Cake" • danijeljw - "Max Brenner Tutti-Frutti Waffles.jpg" • Marilyn Roxie - "I wish Facebook had these stickers too and not just LINE, which I use with a grand total of two people. #gudetama" • Jessie.yang - "#蛋黃哥大車隊 #gudetama" • garlandcannon - "Honeycomb Happenings" • arnold | inuyaki - "Gudetama is my spirit animal...egg." • Tony Peters - "Gudetama breakfast!" • Jessie.yang - "早安 #蛋黃哥大車隊 #gudetama #阿寶" • jazonp - "Uuuhhhhh Friday #gudetama" • DeltaWorks - "japanese umbrellas umbrella japanese style k yamaga" • YukiNoSato - "Sakura" • pompi - "hydrangea a flower garden a garden plant" • elenaiks - "hydrangea flower flowers" • OiMax - "Sakura" • Slideshow Bruce - "artsy-neon" • Imeime - "neon neon lights orange" • jam343 - "neon" • rpongsaj - "Neon" • Unsplash - "neon sign light" • kuhnmi - "Endless Shopping" • hyemin76 - "red plum plum spring flowers spring pink"

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