Lisa Beaman By: Rachel hubbard

I sat down in the home studio of Austin’s own esteemed artist, Lisa Beaman. Famously known as a former quilt maker, she has now turned to new projects including oil painting and paper collaging. Her work is currently displayed at The Davis Gallery downtown location.
A typical day at her home studio consists of her switching back and forth from her oil painting to her collaging studio as the inspiration strikes throughout the day.
She prefers nontraditional and abstract pieces, loves everything having to do with nature, and likes creating pieces that are exciting and surprising. Her impulses are symmetrical but she enjoys the challenge of doing something more fun.
She likes to use antique paper and collects it at various places wherever she travels, recently taking a trip to Japan where she found some of the best materials.
Her dislike for Donald Trump was the inspiration for a recent project, portraying a comical and artistic depiction of him giving a speech.
It wasn't until she was 40 years old that she deciding to start oil painting and has loved it ever since, spending a lot of her time doing pieces and portraits for her clients as well as a hobby.
Displayed in the hallway of her home are oil paintings she has done of two of her children.
Growing up in the antique business, she has turned her collections into 3D art pieces as well. Her work can be found everywhere throughout her home, considering the way she decorates as form of art as well.

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