The Grand Section Australia

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The Grand Section (2017) and subsequent national exhibition, Girthy; with Slim Edges (2018) aimed to provide a better understanding of Australia as a whole. Undertaken by bicycle this 10 month journey through the heart of Australia documented in detail 19 towns from the east to the west. An ongoing blog, on-site documentation and public exhibition in each town presented a contemporary 'state-of-the-nation' focused on architecture that responded to place. These 19 exhibitions were then collated into a national exhibition with photos, samples and satellite images that traveled around to all of Australia's major cities and several regional towns presenting the 'girth' of the country to the populated fringes. The Grand Section aims at understanding the best passive design principles for 70% of Australia which is arid or semi-arid.

CATEGORY: Education SETTING: City STATUS: Completed

BY: The Grand Section

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: There were several levels of engagement with this project; during the Grand Section we embedded ourselves in a community for a week, talking with locals, collecting stories and then presenting this back to the locals in a place specific exhibition. This content has then been exhibited nationally which offers a variety of interaction, photos, text, objects, drawings, film and audio. This content is now available online via the Grand Section website allowing for a range of age groups and education levels to come to grips with the project. On-going public speaking engagements broaden the engagement reach. A book is planned for the project which offers take home engagement at the turn of a page.

PARTNERS: CSR Cemintel - sponsorship; OZ.E.TECTURE - sponsorship and mentorship; University of Newcastle - insurance; Hundreds of individuals and small business who have offered in kind support, funding, equipment and warm meals.