Respect By: Aretha Franklin By: Jami Schorn

The song is Respect by Arethra Franklin and was released in 1967.

Arethra Franklin produced lots of other albums including the songs; Natural woman, I Say a Little Prayer, Chains of Fools.

The lyrics mean to me in the first verse that it is about her asking for respect when her husband gets home from work. She asks to be treated with the respect she deserves.

This song related to the 1960's because it reflects on how women were treated in the way that all of their hard work was usually overlooked and they received little respect. In the song Arethra Franklin asks for more respect which related to Women's Rights Movement and the equal rights amendment in the 1960's which asked for equality among genders.

In this time in History when this song was being recorded, The Women's Rights Movement was fighting again gender discrimination and for the equal rights amendment.

The overall message for this song is that women deserve respect and they should stand up for themselves against men and others who are depriving them of their rights and recognition.

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