"DROP" is a campaign designed to help prevent driver's from picking up their phone while they drive.

We have streamlined an app to help make you "DROP" your phone whenever you try and reply to a text while you're driving.

But how, you may ask?
Similar to the way the ever-so-popular "Pokémon GO" app has installed a feature to help prevent you from driving while using the app, we have made it so that it controls your use of certain apps if you are going over 15 mph by using the location feature on your smartphone.
But this app is only useful if you are willing to use it for your own good, and for the good of the world. The thing that makes this app unique is that there are certain replies that your phone will say out loud if you enter different apps while driving.
Say for instance you picked up your phone to reply to a text while you're on the highway, your phone will say personalized messages out loud in the voices of the people that are closest to you.
With our app, you can set 6 personalized voice messages on your phone by holding the speaker button to record your message. In the settings, you can select all the apps that you want to include in the use of DROP.
Now ain't that something.
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