Jillian Hammill 6th period

Egypt is an amazing place! Here in Egypt we do many amazing things that you can experience! All you have to do is to come to Egypt! Now here's some stuff about Egypt that you should know!

Pyramid Djoser

The pyramid Djoser or as most people know it as the step pyramid is the oldest pyramid in Egypt. This pyramid was built around 2600 B.C! Djoser is going to take many years to build.We built Djoser for our pharaoh Zoser. This pyramid will probably end up the biggest pyramid in Egypt .This pyramid is going to amazing!

King Tut

our pharaoh king tut is the youngest pharaoh in Egypt! Tut was 8 years old when he became king now that's amazing! Tut has a very bad knee injury But be sides his injury he loved to play with games and toys. King Tut is an amazing ruler.You can also come to Egypt and visit!We hope tut will live very long unlike our other pharaohs.

Egyptian fashion

Here in Egypt we where clothing of course. men where skirts and women where long dresses. The poor and the rich all where the same kind of fashion. our colors of our fabric is very light like white. Also our clothes are made from linen. our clothing can be very different at most times.

Food in Egypt

Here in Egypt we have a great verity of food. our main wood source is fruits and vegetables. Most meals include fish, bread, fruit, and vegetables. Here in Egypt we have our kitchens outside away from our homes. We also have a main crop that we always grow witch is grapes.In Egypt we have a very big variety of food.

Egypt is an amazing place please come and visit us in Egypt theirs many things to see and do all you have to do is come!

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