NTDs The neglected problem

What are they?

NTDs or Neglected Tropical Diseases are diseases that are usually parasitic, viral, and bacteria; they attack communities that are remote and tropical. The symptoms of NTDs are horrible; they cause blindness, disfigure people, and most importantly destroy economies. It is estimated a billion dollars is lost to these diseases.

Why should I care?

You should care because these affect lots of countries, and according to this picture displayed at the bottom of this section half of these countries contain NTDs; furthermore, an estimated one billion people have one or more NTDs. At the bottom of this page, an NTD is described. It is a medium threat level NTD.

Examples of NTDs

An example of an NTD is Dracunculiasis; here are what happens if you have it: first, you will notice nothing if you drink infected water for a year; then, a tiny worm will pop out of your leg to lays its larva; next, you must pull it inch by inch it now being a yard long.

Although, not being recognized as an NTD by WHO. Zika fits all of the categories to become an NTD; many scientists consider it an NTD.

What can I do?

Currently, the plan to stop them is the London Agreement, which was an agreement that states that pharmacies will produce free medicine to combat these NTDs by: making sure there is medicine stocked up, delivering it to the correct place, and giving it to the right people.

My plan is to ask everyone to consider the London Agreement by opening your eyes to make NTDs not so neglected. I will be doing it right now.


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