Highlights Spring 2021

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! What you are about to see is a compilation of projects that our staff at Creative One Media have worked on in the last few months.

These artists are dedicated to using their imagination, creativity and beauty to proclaim the truth about Christ to the world. Creative One Media is part of the Campus Ministry of Cru.

SF Dinner Intro

John Cliver

A Motion Graphics project using illustration and stock footage of San Francisco to display the mission, vision, and scope of the local campus ministry. It was the opener video content that was affixed to the beginning of the team's virtual "vision dinner" video. The final version was adjusted (by Caleb Alldrin) to lead in to their title "slide," however this link is the "delivered version" and includes a fade-to-Cru-logo at the end.

Student Retreats: Beach Vibe

Emily Frank

The Events & Opportunities team has been preparing a series of different student retreat templates on the application Canva. While this template hasn't been used yet, the hope is that it will equip the campuses with an easy and convenient way to share about their event, so that they can spend their energy on promotion and less on designing.

Hannah & Susie

Tim Niegocki

This video tells the story of how Susie came to Christ after reaching out to Cru via an Instagram post Hannah put online. Their story has been shared at Winter Conference, the OSU Vision Dinner at the Summit in Orlando. One seminar speaker at Winter Conference watched the video and texted us...

"I'm standing at my kitchen counter crying after watching Hannah's story... way to make me cry on Saturday. I love Cru!!!"

Milestone Consulting

Karen Corrigan & Emily Frank

Milestone is an East Asian company that develops leaders and helps them navigate the complexities of their culture. They equip others to have emotionally healthy lives that permeate their spheres of influence. This company is a way for Christians to make an impact on the lives of people in a part of the world that doesn't allow teachings of faith in Jesus.

everystudent.com Celebration/Awareness Video

Jesse Rogers

This edit is to show staff the scope of EveryStudent.com and the impact it has made on the world. It was also created for staff to be be inspired. This video is one of the first ever created for Everystudent.com.

U.S. Staff Gathering

Rachael Abbott & Karen Corrigan

This is the primary visual design for the US Virtual Staff Gathering. In a season that has been challenging culturally and within Cru, the piece was designed to point to the work of the Spirit and hope for the future.

The Summit Story - Doris

David Eng

It's not everyday that you get to share the testimony of a student from another country in another language! I had the honor of capturing the story of Doris, a student from Peru, and how God has transformed her life and the lives of her peers. This story was shared during the virtual Campus Ministry Summit as an example of students whose lives have been changed by the power of the gospel.

Camping Retreat

Stacy Walz

This is a template that campus staff can use to promote a retreat that takes place in a camping setting. These templates are time savers and helpful resources for staff.

Kent's Story - The Same Breath

Zack Russell

A student from Rwanda shares how the gospel enabled him to forgive his grandparent's killer. He entered a new life in Jesus and wants to share this with other students.

Campus Ministry Expansion Plan

John Cliver

Multi-page printed and saddle stitched document highlighting ministry stories and communicating specific ministry goals and donation goals. Used at the Summit and mailed to large and mid-level donors.

Honoring the Douglasses

Gary Nomura

This video was shown at the U.S. Staff Gathering Virtual Conference and was followed by many encouraging testimonies from past and present Cru staff on the impact the Douglasses made in their lives for God's Kingdom.