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Workshop 1

Projection mapping is a technology used to project images onto unusually shaped objects such as funny shaped building like the opera house in Sydney. You can also project images onto a flat surface to create the illusion you are elsewhere. This technology is appealing, for example, it can turn a really dull looking building or a blank wall into something else when an image is projected onto it, changing the way we feel or maybe to create a new visual point for people to enjoy. In future this could be applied to a holographic touch sensitive interface, when all you need to do to control it is to move you hand in specific directions.

Workshop 2

In this workshop I was extremely lucky and had a chance to experience the Vive as well as the oculus rift. These devices immerse you in a world with no limits, as long as you don't stray to far from your computer space, you are free to do whatever you want. I've always wanted to experience these virtual reality headsets and i was lucky to do so. I played a short demo (seen in the picture) where my job was to launch balls from a catapult to destroy tall towers made from boxes. This was very enjoyable as it gave me that god like feeling and i wouldn't have been able to do this in reality. Technology like this could be used in danger close situations. For example, you can use this technology to predict possible scenarios before they happen, in a way it is a life saver as no one can get injured or killed. With this in mind you are able to run simulations to help train people to do certain jobs like pilot an aeroplane.

Workshop 3

In this workshop as pairs we worked with a little kit called Littlebits. Littlebits is a collection of parts that are able snap together and work together to create a circuit for whatever purpose you choose. These parts include thermometers, buttons, motors, lights and buzzers. I think this technology is a great way to teach kids electronics. LittleBits is also flexible so children can create whatever they want such as little cars. This technology is portable and can be used anywhere such as in the fridge where you can display the temperature to see if your fridge is fully operational.

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