Voice, Tense, & Mood Study Guide hannah walker

Passive & Active Voice

passive voice: the subject receives the action ( verb )

active voice: the subject does the action ( verb )

passive example: The Christmas Tree was lit up by the thousands of strands of lights.

active example: The thousands strands of lights lit up the Christmas tree.

passive example: When the tree was light cheers were made by the people.

active example: When the tree was light the people cheered.

Perfect & Progressive Tense

Progressive Tense consist of a form of the auxiliary verb be and the present participle of the main verb. (be + present participle)

present progressive: is+a verb (ing)

past progressive: was + verb(ing)

future progressive: will be

Perfect Tenses consist of a form of the auxiliary verb have and the past participle of the main verb. (have + past participle)

present perfect: have + verb

past perfect: had +verb

future perfect: will have + verb

present progressive: santa is coming down the chimney

past progressive: santa was making a list

future progressive: santa will be giving gifts to kids on December 25.

present perfect: I have made a list to send to santa

past perfect: Mrs. Claus had made cookies for his trip

future perfect: the elves will have groomed the reindeer


Indicative - a fact or a question

fact ex: The gingerbread man has a green bow tie.

question ex: Have you eaten a gingerbread cookie yet?

Imperative - a command

ex: Come to the kitchen right now to bake gingerbread cookies

ex: Go to the store to buy frosting

Emphatic ( do & did ) - do plus a verb

ex: I did like the recipe we used last year for the gingerbread cookies

ex: I do want to make 2 batches this year

subjunctive- wish, command, contrary to fact, recommend, words that normally are for subjunctive: suggestion whether, wish desire, if that, would should could whether if

ex wish: I wish we could make a gingerbread house too.

ex command: You need to be told that you must bake them at 350 degrees

ex recommend: I recommend that you add a sprinkle of sugar on top of the baked cookies.

ex contrary to fact: If i were going to frost the cookies, I would use pink frosting

be careful subjunctive will be a subjunctive sentence before anything else also emphatic trumps an indicative fact

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