Luis De Leon la Perfecta Casada


LLuis de Leon was a Spanish author who wrote books during the magical period known as the Renaissance. His life started on 1527 in Spain. His actual birthplace is unknown, but people believe he was born in Belmonte, Spain. Luis spent most of his life as a child in Madrid, Spain, but when it was time for school, he moved to Salamanca. He focused on literature as a student and became a linguist and Theologist. At school he learned to Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. However in 1561, he became the teacher. His fellow students elected him as the professor of Thomistic Philosophy. He made some amazing work. He was a man of many talents, writing prose, books, and translating biblical stories as well as songs. He had everything going for him. He was writing and translating pieces. He was teaching as a professor. Then all that stopped for 5 years. He was arrested for the translation of a biblical song of Solomon. He had few patrons for his work. Most was for his own purposes. For instance, La Perfecta Casada was a gift for his newly wedded cousin. Also a man named Montano supported Luis by influencing him to write a three part book about his original poems, poems he translated, and poems the church translated. He had many famous works like La Perfecta Casada, a book. Also some prose called Los Nombres de Christ. Finally, the work that got him arrested, the translation of the song of Solomon.

La Perfecta Casada

La Perfecta Casada means the perfect wife. It was written by Luis de Leon in 1583. It was a guide for newly wedded couples and it showed how a wife could become the perfect wife. He wrote this book for his newly wedded cousin, but it became more popular and other people began to use it. It became a published book, and a reprinted copy of this book can be found basically at any bookstore. Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Toadstool. Just name it. It was one of the most popular books in Spain at that time. I believe it gave a view of Patriarchy and gave women an object like appearance. I like that it shows the thoughts that were thought by men in the Renaissance. It is really quite fascinating. Speaking of the Renaissance, there were many different types of work. I would say that La perfecta casada was an example of idealism because it is a book about how women should act to their husbands. It is giving opinion on how women should actually act towards their husbands.

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