My Writing Journey Kishan Hadvani

Step 1: The Outline

In project 1, I had created an outline for my presentation and my final draft. While writing my final draft for essay 1 I realized many more ideas I had that I wanted to write about, but in my outline I wasn't able to add any new ideas without rearranging the entire outline. Also since I had an outline I wouldn't focus too much on adding new ideas to my essay and would just use the outline. That's when I realized that making an outline was hindering my ideas and now I no longer do outlines. In project 2 I was able to see how not doing an outline and just jumping right into the rough draft with my group was really helpful so I stuck with not doing a rough draft for project 3 also helped me.

Step 2: Rough Draft

My process of writing my rough draft in that I used to keep my introductory paragraph for last and immediately start my first body paragraph. I would do it this way because it always seemed easier to have body paragraphs done first then make a thesis statement that could be covered by all body paragraphs instead of creating a thesis statement first and linking all my body paragraphs together. But for project 3 I was required to do the 3 introductory paragraphs first and this helped me try writing a rough draft starting with the introduction. With this I realized that I prefer to write my introduction last, but did enjoy the experience of seeing how writing my introduction first would work but did not really like process and will be sticking to my original process.

Step 3: Peer Reviews

The peer reviews have been an essential part of my writing process. I remember the peer reviews I had in my first semester of writing and they did not help me what so ever, the only feed back I ever remember getting is to shorten my essay, but was never told what was excess and I could get rid of and it wouldn't change the flow of my writing so I never thought much of them. But now in my second semester of English the peer reviews are entirely different, I get a bunch of different feed back, my peers tell me where I have too much information in my essay or where I don't have enough information in my essay. They even tell me what I can add to improve my essay overall. The peer reviews have become an important part of my writing process and I would not want to change a thing about it.

Step 4: Final Draft

The writing of my final draft has changed in that I now work on editing my body paragraphs first instead of going in order. I do this because I feel it easier to edit the body paragraphs first and then work on my introduction and change what I need to. I did this change because this feels faster than editing the introduction first and then the body paragraphs.

SLO's I Have Achieved

For project 1 the main Student Learning Objectives I was able to achieve was being able to write researched argumentative papers (2F).

For project 2 the main Student Learning Objectives I was able to achieve was identifying the credibility of sources (2B)

For project 3 the main Student Learning Objectives I was able to achieve was, like in project 1, the ability to write researched argumentative papers (2F).

The main Student Learning Objective that I have learned throughout the entirety or this semester is being able to analyze everything I can about an article (1B)


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