Village Information Power The Village Information Power (V.I.P.) Network— an enhanced communication model to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Philadelphia

Communication is central to community.

But after COVID-19 we can’t expect how we share information to stay the same.

The Village Information Power Network is a complete suite of mobile applications which empower local communities with guidance and organizing tools for mutual support and COVID-19 prevention efforts.

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real COVID-19 prevention must amplify trusted community voices

The Village Information Power Network Communication Model compliments traditional top-down COVID-19 news information pipelines by amplifying the existing supports identified only by neighbors and community stakeholders.

VIP members are trusted information sources



Philadelphia's Dito Inc. CEO and community organizer stated how "we have food and supplies to giveaway to people during corona season. My non-profit needs to promote information, and coordinate pick-up times with neighbors for mutual assistance.

The V.I.P Network allows community stakeholders to promote local supports in beautiful ways using thousands of pre-made campaign templates for unlimited social media posts. V.I.P Network also offers video conferencing tools for convening community stakeholders to coordinate and recruit volunteers, inform new supports, and collaborate on school work.


A Temple student and community member identified a pharmacy stocked with hand sanitizer, N95 masks, and insulin syringes near King of Prussia.

The V.I.P Network allows informants to text important information for other neighbors to view on an open-source map platform.