Class 7 Autumn term 1

Diary entries!

During one of our literacy unit we delved into the Picture book 'The Flood.' This book provoked imaginative discussions around the characters and how they author has chosen to portray them. Our outcome was to write an informal diary entry in the role of the main character - the child.

Unpicking a good example!

Using fronted adverbials!

In Maths, we learning how to read and represent numbers of up to 3 digits, add and subtract using formal written methods, short multiplication and bus stop division. Over the past couple of weeks, we have really enjoyed learning about fractions! The children were able to apply their understanding to conceptual problems.

Times tables

As part of one of our homework projects, children created their very own times table games to help them learn and practice their times tables.

Topic (Avert the Disaster)

As part of our topic, the children have learnt how volcanoes occur. They have worked collaboratively to gain a deeper understanding of the SAF LINE. As well as developing their knowledge, they have CREATED THEIR OWN MAPS USING BASIC os MAP SYMBOLS AND CREATED SIMPLE KEYS TO SHOW WHAT EACH SYMBOL REPRESENTED. throughout THIS TOPIC, THE CHILDREN HAVE compared different maps TO IDENTIFY WHY THE COUNTRY WOULD BE MOST LIKELY TO EXPERIENCE AN EARTHQUAKE. aS A RESULT, THE CHILDREN CREATED THEIR OWN PLANS IN RESPONSE TO A natural DISASTER. they HAD TO PLAN COMMUNICATE AND THINK ABOUT Which cardinal directions they would use to keep themselves safe.

Next term, we will be learning about Life in the Mines. Research tasks will be shared on Seesaw for you engage with over the holiday. Have a well-deserved restful break!


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