Dragon Journal April 9, 2021

Schedule for Monday, April 12th - As we did in January, we are providing transition time for our teachers to get our new in-seat students back into the routine. There are items to revisit and manage with students coming back into the classroom. Our virtual students will login to the class Zoom at 10:20am that day. Again, this is just on the first day we return. From that point forward, virtual students will login at the usual time and class will start for every student at 9:20am.

Important Information for Families Choosing In-Seat - Please be aware that families of students returning in-seat agree to abide by all health and safety measures in place in our schools, including wearing masks and submitting a daily health assessment as outlined in our Family Guidebook, which is updated regularly and includes information about health mandates, physical spacing and other procedures. (All safety regulations are developed with the Oakland County Health Department, which has approved our plan, and are subject to change as new guidance develops.)

Schroeder Elementary Hybrid Plan - Please review the hybrid plan that was sent to all Schroeder families on April 5th. Click on the button below.


Picture Packets - For those students who had their picture taken last month, the packets will be available at the school for parent pick up on Tuesday, April 13th in the north vestibule starting at 7:00am. In-seat students will be bringing home their picture packets home with them.

Yearbook Pictures Needed! - NOW IS THE TIME! We are in need of photos for the 2020/2021 Schroeder yearbook! We are asking families to upload some candid pictures of their children taken during their virtual learning to be included in the yearbook. Please see the instructions below on how to upload your photos.

Robo-Dragons Girl Scouts team stand next to the new Playground Communication Core board.

Can you imagine not being able to talk with your friends at recess and tell them what you want to do? This is the problem that the Robo-Dragons Girl Scouts team wanted to fix. The Robo-Dragons, Megan Hatto, Samantha Downs, Isha Chawla, Shalini Srinivas, Tatum Sheckell, Lily Bastien, Lila Sieber, and Edy Mayotte, have been a robotics team together since Kindergarten. They settled on helping kids with disabilities for their innovation project in their First Lego League Robotic competition. The Girl Scouts goal was to help kids with severe communication delays, such as students with Autism or Down Syndrome, have fun at recess. The Girls did research and they found that the best way to make this happen was a Playground Communication Core board.

One member of the team, Megan Hatto explained that, “It’s a board that has pictures representing words. If kids can’t talk or have limited language, they point to a picture with a friend and then they will be able to play if the word says ‘play’”. Speech Pathologist Jenny Michalek said, “This is a good way for kids with a communication delay whether severe or moderate to be able to let people know what they want. This can help prevent tantrums or an isolated feeling.” Using the communication boards, kids can combine pictures to create many messages, such as “I want swing,” “I like you,” “I go on playscape,” “I want help,” and “I get ball.”

In order to raise money for the communication board, the Robo-Dragons Girl Scouts team started with a presentation to their Schroeder Principal, Mr. Canfield. Mr. Canfield allowed the team to host a Pajama Day at Schroeder Elementary. Students were able to wear pajamas at school for a $2.00 for a donation to the communication board. The Schroeder students and staff were so supportive and raised over $200 from this event. One student, Peyton Glynn said, “It should be near the swings on the 1st and 2nd grade playground because that is where a lot of kids play.” Glynn also decided, “This can help kids learn better and have a good environment to learn in.”

The Robot Dragons worked with Mr. Pryde, a special education teacher at Schroeder, to write a grant for the Troy Women’s Association for $312. Two Girl Scouts members created a small neighborhood business for making and selling handcrafted soap. Between the grant, the Pajama day fundraiser, and the soap sales, the team raised all of the money to purchase the communication board.

The Robo-Dragons Girl Scouts team is so thankful for the support from Girl Scouts Southeastern Michigan, Mr. Canfield, Troy Women’s Association, and the Schroeder community. With the playground communication board, all Schroeder students can communicate and have fun together on the playground.

Spring has sprung!

Future Dates to Consider

  • April 12 - In-seat students begin attending / Virtual students login 10:20am
  • April 15 - Virtual Kindergarten Round-Up for 2021/2022 school year
  • April 22 - Half day / 1pm dismissal
  • April 23 - Parent placement letter deadline