My life in the view of myself Prepare to be disappointed.

four·teen ˌfôrˈtēn,ˈfôrˌtēn/ equivalent to the product of seven and two; one more than thirteen, or six less than twenty; 14. noun: fourteen; plural noun: fourteens

fourteen years old.

"he left school at fourteen"

Fourteen can be defined above but what fourteen means to you as a person is different, when someone is fourteen they're exposed to real life and what that means. Age is just a number but numbers have meaning. two people who are fourteen have had very different lives and have different opinions and think different things. Age isn't how you develop, it's when you develop.

Fourteen is the age between 13 and 15. It is the bridge between your time when you start to become a teenager and once you become used to what it means.

At fourteen you learn a lot of things about a lot of things. You may have known how to do something at 13, but you know why you do it at 14

At 14, you are expected to do more things but expect less from others. You need to be independent but still check with your parents. You think it is an overreaction but your parents don't want anything to happen to you.

14 is the time that you must remember to forget what you know and accept new rules and new guidelines for life. 14 is when you need to realize that the choices that you make now will reflect who you become so you need to think before acting, even if it seems minuscule at the time, it may become your undoing.

14 is when you think of all the cringe-worthy times and think of ones to come. That one time that you messed up reading in class but went on, only to mess up worse.

At fourteen you start writing your own philosophy, what you believe is right and wrong and what you think you can achieve. Before this, you went by what everyone else said, but now you have experience in the real world and you want to show what you know.

14 marks the time where you think of your future, your career, what college to go to. It is when you make the decisions and you draw the line.

At fourteen years you have had friends for a decade, which you have only grown closer to and have gone through good times and bad, and have complete trust and faith in… hopefully.

Before fueling on knowledge, we are just like these baby bears, scared and helpless

When you turn fourteen, your life is like a bear getting ready for hibernation. You need to get yourself into a position where you have the supplies and support you need to grow and turn into something incredible. You are the bear and the food is knowledge. You seek the food out and once you start, you have to finish. Then once you feel prepared, you go into hibernation and don't know what to expect. Hibernation is the metaphor for college and what lies beyond high school.

Encyclopedia of me

My favorite bowling game I've ever played

Bowling: My family bowls more than others. I am 4 years and 6 years younger than my brothers and neither them nor my dad went easy on me. Finally, I can compete with them. It is a satisfying feeling seeing the look of pain on your brother's face as they realiz e that you can compete with them.

Brothers- one is tall the other is fast… And holds two school records… Which haven't been recognized… It's been 3 years…

Cabin 20 is a cabin in the middle of Pennsylvania, in Black Moshannon State Park. My family goes there every year and It is always fun. I usually get to make the giant fires that we use but because I am starting the fire, I don't have to go out and get it. Sometimes I bring paper from school to burn there, but the problem is that it doesn't burn as well as newspaper, so I don't use it to start because newspaper paper is much more flammable. If I run out of newspaper... see lighter fluid.

Deep Fry: One time close to my birthday, I asked my parents if I could get a deep fryer for my birthday. It just so happened that I got a deep fryer. It is awesome. If I want some fries, I can make some fries. It is much easier than one might think, but it can take some time. One time I Took a day during winter break of 2015 and spent it frying different things, including fruits, veggies and some other things. Nothing was that good. I'll try it again sometime.

French guy from Monty Python No idea what his name is, but he is my idol. He is the epitome of trolling and overall a funny guy. He is a minor part of the story but plays an important role if you've seen the movie. I don't want to spoil it. He spends his days guarding a castle and when King Arthur ventures across Europe to find the Holy Grail, he encounters the Frenchman many times. Once, when it is just Arthur and his squire, then again after he has collected a crew, then once again where the Frenchman decides that to drive King Arthur away, he must throw, among other things, a cow's carcass. Soldier: “I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”

Jazz Band- waking up too early to play music that would wake me up… not pursued any longer

Lighter fluid- whoosh boom crackle, that one time I set my leg on fire. Well…it was the fluid on my leg that was technically on fire, but if you saw it, you would be scared.

Scooters: I strongly dislike scooters. I've never liked them but it didn't help that one time in fifth grade I fell off of one. My friends decided to go on a bike ride but they didn't have enough bikes and my house was too far away to get one. So they gave me a scooter, and the most basic one at that. But I have never been one to complain so I just took a deep breath, sighed, and said that it was okay. But my friend lives on top of a small hill, and his driveway is kinda steep so you rain some speed going down. And when you're on a scooter and going down it, it's kinda scary. If I were to write down what went through my mind at that point, it would've been along the lines of, ‘I've made a huge mistake.’ But then I realized I had one hope left… all of the scooters like this one had a brake at the back of the scooter. But for some reason, this one didn't. So in the few seconds as I was barreling down this hill, I thought okay, let's just start turning and hopefully everything goes okay. I slowly started to turn the handle. It was working and I started turning to the right. Then all of a sudden the handle took a sharp turn left on I flipped off of it. Surprisingly, I felt no pain as I woke up, and I felt a warm sensation on my chin. I later found out that I had been unconscious for about 15 seconds or so. I have a scar on my lip as a testimony to when this happened.

Space X: Really cool science program by Tesla that is really cool. Me and my dad talk about them at times. What the main goal of Space X is that they want to make space travel quicker and less expensive. For example, they put a parachute on part of a rocket, and because that specific part of the rocket is not used after takeoff, and they use the parachute and drones to fly the rocket part to a barge that it can land on. Overall, Tesla is doing other things in travel, such as the hyperloop, which is a proposed method of transport that uses air pressure to shoot you through tubes at high speeds.

Snowboarding: despite being usually clumsy, I am somehow relatively good at snowboarding. I'm no Shawn White, but I can handle a 180 on a blue diamond. I might fall but I always get back up.

Trying to get a cat: When you have two family members who are allergic to cats, you may have a hard time getting one. My strategy was flawless, I would go into the room my parents were in and list my facts, then drop the (metaphorical) mike and walk out, leaving them to bask in my glory. I executed it to perfection but apparently we had already tried and it hadn't worked... lies and blasphemy.

Personal narrative

Quoted directly from the FIFA rule book, a red card is deserved if a player, “denies an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick”

I felt the blood start streaming down my leg and I knew that my career might be over. Rage engulfed me as I knew that this was an act that was clearly intentional. Years later as I'm writing this, I feel my calf ache as it reminds me of when this happened. It was on the turf field at Hommocks, in probably the biggest game of the year. It was make or break. The smell of the field, the sound of the ball thumping on the ground, the sight of 26 kids of two teams trying their hardest to be the best. When I used to do rec soccer, I was always on a good team. I sometimes contributed but some years our team was simply incredibly overpowered. One year my team was pretty good, not that good, but good enough that we made it close games every week. I knew that because I was the tallest player on my team, I was expected to perform well. Other things like these were just some of the unspoken rules and expectations that came with playing.

Then, the Pele cup came around and we were up against the best team in the league. We kept the game close and it was 1-0 we were losing, in the closing minutes of the game. I was playing striker, or forward, which I really played like more of a midfielder. But I stole the ball from a defender and I found myself looking at an open field. I knew who the goalie was and I knew that if I could take a shot on goal it should go in. I dribbled as fast as I could down the field and as I planted my foot to shoot the ball, I felt the ground come out from under me as I tumbled to the ground. I could feel the burning of my arms as they slid on the rubber turf and the searing pangs of pain af my skin was torn from my arms. I writhed in pain and felt the results of the cleats tearing into my calf. I screamed in pain as I sprawled out, trying to spread the impact through my body. I heard the shrill whistle sound as I rolled on the ground. I souls sense the shock and anger in the crowd as they knew that it was an ovbious foul. I stayed on the ground nursing my injury and waited as one of my teammates frantically rushed over to me. I tried to get up but he told me to stay down. I slowed my breath down because I could feel myself getting lightheaded. I kept calm, trying to access my situation. I knew that because of the blatant and flagrant foul, I would get an opportunity to tie the game with a penalty kick, since I was in the box. I started getting up but felt a sudden jolt as blood rushed from my head and I fell back down again, swaying and woozy.

An example of a legal slide tackle, note that the person who is sliding is in front of the other one instead of behind

But then I heard the refs whistle again and I was confused because I was probably the best kicker on my team and I was the one fouled, shouldn't I take the shot? But no penalty shot was given, and the whistle I heard was for a goal kick. Apparently, a intentional slide tackle from behind that hooks the player's leg isn't a foul. According to FIFA, a red card should is warranted when, a player uses excessive force and endangers the safety of another player. I ended up partially tearing my calf and after the game and the overall adrenaline, I couldn't walk for the next 3 days and walked with a limp for a while. After the goal kick, the rest of the game, which was about 5 minutes, ended. We had lost and they had won the Pelé cup.

After the game ended, I walked off the field, walked out of the park, and went home. Well, it really was more of a hobble-limp and at one point I had to stop because my leg hurt so much. I knew my team would lose the rest of the Pelé cup games, I knew I was letting them down. But I knew that if I couldn't expect fair refereeing, than I couldn't play. A slide tackle from behind in itself should have warranted a warning, and tripping a player from behind is an instant yellow, but because I and a practically open goal, it was a clear case of denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity. As a soccer player, I was always taught that winning came second, and that sportsmanship was the most important. When I lost a game, I was disappointed, but I never felt the need to take it out on someone or something, I just thought, ‘Hey, they played better than me, what else can I do.’ I never said that I could do better, I knew I tried my hardest and if I lost, I would have to get better. I learned from this encounter about how other people view winning and losing. This moment in my life has taught me many lessons which all relate to one central theme. It is not a good lesson, but it is one that everyone must know. It is that life isn't fair sometimes and that if someone plays dirty, you do what you need to do to win. Another lesson is one that I find to be a bad thing to teach, and that is that if you aren't able to win by playing, win by cheating. This player's response to me passing him should've been one of sadness, one of knowing that I had beat them and accepting that, but at the same time, he should've known that the only way to get the ball back was to chase me down. Instead,he thought that he should endanger my career and my health to unfairly disposes me. It sickens me to know that some people think that they must cheat to win.

You decide

My you decide piece is a word cloud. The work itself is representative of how I enjoy clouds, and the fact that my mentality is one of thinking small for everything and then being happy when that one small cloud expands and turns into something big. One of my favorite quotes is about how as long as you have strength in your body, you are able to do incredible things. This quote relates to my word cloud in that the things in the cloud represent what is important to me and simply, who I am. For example I put sleep in as a small thing, but I repeated it so many times because of the fact that it happens so often. Many of my other words are important but I sleep more often than play frisbee. Other words are included because they are what makes me unique. For example, I suffer from a bone disease called pectus excavatum, or funnel chest. What this means is that my rib cage is bent in at one point instead of out. In addition, my left side of my rib cage is overall lower. I put this low on my list, as it doesn't define who I am, it just gives me a shortcoming that I have to overcome. I take this “gift” and I am thankful, because it gives me something that I need to overcome and without it, what would give me a reason other than to prove to others with my condition that they can do it. Another weird thing about me is that I have no dominant foot. I am able to use both feet to play soccer and I have found that based on the activity, I use a different foot. For example, when I need speed, I will usually use my right foot to get a first step, but when I need to balance, I use my left foot. All of the words my list contain represent what I have weather it is good or bad and is just the main thing i think about everyday.

Authors note

Now… I had a vision when I started drafting this project, and smaller visions of each part. But I knew that I would have one idea that rose up above all others, the one thing that I value above all else and that I would die for, the thing that all people know and value, the thing singers from far-off lands sing ballads about. By now you should've guessed what I'm talking about; it's myself. Whenever I encountered a part of any section that I felt was wrong, I forgot everything I knew and looked at it as if I knew nothing about myself and started to read the section. Then again, I doubt it would be fun to read about someone you don't know. It is an easy thing to write about yourself, but at the same time it is hard because there is the fact that you are writing about something you have experienced but nobody else has. Me being one who is never deterred, (despite giving myself a stitch(I don't know how I do this(like I'm not super athletic, but c’mon!!)) I have traversed through many stoppages, whether it was that I couldn't come up with anything or I could but I had just gotten in that one comfy position and really, really didn't want to move. But despite these brutal conditions, I have written these entries.

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