secret path analyzing

The poem i'm doing is called Here Here And Here. I think it connects to Chanie Wenjack because his dad signed the paper and in the poem said ''you sign here here and here'' so that he could go to the school, also it said in the poem ''I died here here and here'' that could be from when he was walking trying to get home. Also it said ''I hurt here here and here'' that could be from when they made him almost forget his culture.

This poem can be connected to kids being adopted because, their parents have singed the paper for adoption. The kids may have many different houses and some of the houses may no be the best, they could have died emotional. When i say emotionally I mean that they have been in and out of so many houses and I could imagination that they must think that their real parents must hate them for doing this to them.

I think it could be repetition, because it repeats the words here here and here. Or it could be symbolism, because you could replace the words here here and here with residential schools. For example, the poem reads "I lived in residential schools instead of I live here here and here."

in conclusion I believe that this poem is very important to the book, also it can related to the world in many different ways but i think it could be with adoption.


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