CRASH Rachel melhem

My dream started out with me getting in a car that wasn't mine, and I was in a small town, nothing defined that I was in a small town, I just knew. I then started driving and got onto the free way, and while driving I pushed my seat all the way back to where I was lying straight on my back and the car was still going full speed.

I knew that I was in a dangerous situation and I felt extreme stress and fear. Even though I knew I was in danger and so were others, I kept uncontrollably falling in and out of sleep at the wheel.

I made myself wake up, but then realized I wasn't able to move. I kept trying to move my arms or any part of my body to sit up straight and drive safely, but I became paralyzed. My limbs felt very heavy and this started making me freak out even more.

I then drove off the freeway, but for some reason was totally fine. I parked the car and got out. I then started walking with my friend and we were approached by a police officer who asked her what her license plate was, and when she told him we somehow ended up in front of a police station. The officer was told my friend that her car had been reported for reckless driving, and then I realized that I had been driving my friends car. I told the officer that and then my dream ended.


small town- In the dream I was in a small town, but was attempting to drive out of it. That could represent feeling trapped to an idea or status that I'm expected to upkeep. Or many some people around me can be small minded.

paralysis- represents feeling stuck or restrained from accomplishing an important goal or task in real life. Also stress, or not having a flexible schedule, feeling over worked and tired in life, causes paralysis.

falling- can indicate insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. You are feeling overwhelmed and out of control in some situation in your waking life. This may reflect the way you feel in your relationship or in your work environment.

sleepiness- means that you are careless for the situation you are facing or it is better to say that you are ignoring the conditions and circumstances around you.


The main symbols in my dream all relate to stress, and being unsure. I think my dream was letting me know I'm a lot more stressed than I thought I was, and if I don't calm down, or figure out my problems soon then I'll "crash". With it being senior year and near the end, stress is high, and I just need to relax and not let the stress overcome my life. I'm not sure what the reason for my friend being in my dream, and why it was her car, but I think it could mean that she is also going through a lot of what I am, and we help each other often. Overall there is an overlaying theme of stress, and I know for certain that it means I need to relax.


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