Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders Los Angeles, CA

Pat Todd is the most sincere Rock ‘n’ Roll singer/songwriter on the planet. He makes the rest of us look like a bunch of fakers.” - Blaine Cartwright, NASHVILLE PUSSY/NINE POUND HAMMER

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Hailing from Los Angeles, PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS have been preaching the gospel of straight-ahead, stripped-down, bullshit-free Rock 'n' Roll since 2004. Their newest release, "The Past Came A Callin'" (2019) on Hound Gawd! Records, has been described as "a brilliant album from start to finish" (Faster & Louder) and "a tremendous album from an L.A. rocker who deserves a few more plaudits" (LA Weekly - Album of the Week).

For PAT TODD, Rock 'n' Roll isn't a hobby or part-time pursuit- it informs all aspects of his life and how he relates to the world. Every note and word is an evocation of yearning for the road less travelled: interstates, truck stops, roadside motels, bars and stages -love lost and found- create a web of rich experiences and fond memories that inform the nuances of his songwriting. Though PAT TODD and the RANKOUTSIDERS have five full-length albums and innumerable singles under their belts, there are no signs of stopping...

"There’s no flash sound tricks or auto-tune going on here it’s just the sound of a kick-ass band cutting it up in a sweaty studio knowing that with every song, they capture a little bit more magic than the last take." - RPM Online

"The album reflects the diversity of American rock n' roll. Love, hope, sex, death, betrayal, renewal -- it's all here. Pat Todd's songwriting is a road map that leads back to the self ? an existential longing to reside in the aesthetics of self-creation. Some call it art, others the blues, soul, country, rock n' roll." - forcedexposure.com

"The man is one of our great American songwriters, and he's backed by a band that can rock the hell out of even his most reflective material. This is just a brilliant album from start to finish - an essential purchase for both longtime fans and anyone who enjoys good, solid rock n' roll with a country influence." - Faster and Louder

PAT TODD & the RANKOUTSIDERS are: Pat Todd (lead vocals/harp/guitar), Nick Alexander (guitar and vocals), Kevin Keller (guitar and vocals), Stephen Vigh (bass and vocals), and Walter Phelan (drums).

Pat Todd
Nick Alexander
Stephen Vigh & Kevin Keller
Walter Phelan
"If Only I Could Fly Backwards In Time"

2019 - Hound Gawd! Records

"Took a Wrong Turn"

2018 - Wild Honey Records

Just Another Broken Day

2016 - Hound Gawd! Records

Photos courtesy Michael Passman, Rick Graves, David Yohi, and Mari Tamura

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