Hawaii a great place to go

Hello, I am a travel agent going to Hawaii for 9 days with an unlimited budget. Let's see how it goes!

I flew in on the most expensive aircraft I could find: the B-2 Spirit, a military jet that has been in development since 1987. It costs around $736 million, so it's not cheap. Good thing I have an unlimited budget! When I got to the island of Hawaii, I immediately went the the hotel of Four Seasons Hualalai, the most expensive hotel on the island. I visited all of the best ice cream shops. I used my unlimited budget to buy a scoop of every flavor. It can't be good to waste so much ice cream, but that doesn't matter when I'm rich. I then drove around in a limousine to find the best beach to relax at, which ended up being Kauna'oa Beach. I then went for dinner, then went to my hotel room to watch a movie. I fell asleep, woke up, ate breakfast, and repeated this for the remainder of the trip. On my final day, I made sure to really take in my surroundings, and buy as much souvenirs as I could. As I took off, I looked back at Hawaii and said goodbye.

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