Pope Francis By camden seibel

Pope Francis, (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) was born on December 17, 1936. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2013 he has maintained the position of Leader of the Catholic Church. He is also the Bishop of Rome. Pope Francis is also the first Pope from the western hemisphere, South America, and the Jesuit Order

Pope Francis is important to Latin American History because he is a respected spiritual leader in Argentina and will be remembered as a good public figure to follow.

I think Pope Francis relates to the Ethical Systems/Religion theme because he is a spiritual leader.

Quote by Pope Francis:Even today we raise our hand against our brother... We have perfected our weapons, our conscience has fallen asleep, and we have sharpened our ideas to justify ourselves as if it were normal we continue to sow destruction, pain, death. Violence and war lead only to death.

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