Union of New Dirt Where there's dirt, there's new dirt

This is the Union of New Dirt. We have a communism based government.

Mission Statement

We want to Make Life Better

Community Rules

No stealing

No Bullying

Always wear Deodorant

Shower Daily

Wear Clothes

Eat Jimmy Johns Weekly

Eat Seafood

Curfew of 2 AM

School starts at 9 AM For All

Follow schedule

Our Location is On the coast of California

The Flag of the Union of Dirt

Our Schedule begins at 9 Am and Ends at 10 Pm

You can stay out until 2 Am

Membership Requirments: You need to like dirt

Come And Join the Union of New Dirt, We have Dwayne "the rock" Johnson and our quality of life is very high.


Created with images by manolofranco - "weir trash river" • USA-Reiseblogger - "usa america coast" • misterfarmer - "flag scotland blue"

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