Apps By: Allison Karr


Touch screan

  • fingers absorb sound waves
  • click on it and it gives a signal
  • 1965 E.A. johnson

Apple invention

  • Steve jobs invented the Apple prodects
  • are getting smaller
  • More powerful
  • prodece produce more apps
  • iPad is now and has had an tachible keybourd

App stores

  • Some games encorage kids to do art and learning
  • are used for kids and adults
  • hit apps are........
  • People make sure there no bugs
  • some cost money

How apps work

  • they plane out, they draw, and it comes to life
  • computers are the same

Fun facts part 1

  • sold more then 3000000 ect. prodects
  • 2001 ipod was invented
  • mp3 player invented
  • software has ben downloded 30 million times

fun facts par 2

  • facebook most seller
  • social media attended internet
  • started with box comp.
  • Steve is a million air
  • Apple is growing

Steve jobs death

  • oct.5 2011
  • 56 years


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