Pat Neff By: Alyxis Flores

Pat Neff is mostly known for our namesake of our school. He was an important person to Texas which is why we named our school after him.

To begin with, Neff attended McGregor High School and then he was off to Baylor University to get his law degree in 1889. He later taught at a school in Arkansas. Following, he was elected 3 terms in the Texas House of Reps. and served as our 28th governor from 1920-1924. He was also president of the Baptist Convention of Texas, Southern Baptist Convention, and grand master of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas.

During it all, he married Mrytle Mainer, who was a former classmate from college, in 1899. Later in they had a daughter and son.

Neff was Chairman of the Railroad Commission when the East Texas territory- the world's largest- came in. He assisted institute poration to sustain oil and gas reserves. Although he had been elected president of the University of Texas and had refused to serve. He approved the Baylor presidency in 1932 after being Chairman of the Baylor trustees for a quarter century. Baylor advanced during his administration. As depression-era problems gave way to the huge enrollments of World War II.

Part 2 of Neffs career started in 1932, he became president at his alma mater. Baylor was deep in the great change of the Great Depression, and uncertain of what the future held. In the first couple of years or the presidency, he juggled loans and cut profit to help keep the school out of debt financially. The moves helped to sustain Baylor until the Depression and World War II finished, then brought a startling and pleasant increase in enrollment.

One of Neff cases focused on the organization for fraternal woodmen of the world.It was entitled to 2 tracts of land in El Paso. Later a court trial allowed the trustees only one tract, the El paso court of civil Appeals cancelled and awarded them full title to both tracts. The case was submitted to the state supreme court.

Neff passed 1/20/1952 in Waco. He's buried at Oakwood Cemetery.

In conclusion, everything Pat Neff has done for Texas is why he is the namesake for our school.

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