A New Era Of Computers Preston shephard p.1

The first computer like machine that was invented was in the mid 1800's by a inventor named Charles Babbage. It was only a simple calculating machine. ( it had no google, video games, etc)

First computer like machine.

In fact most of the first computer like machines were only calculating machines. these computers had no internet. you could play no games. its was only for calculatiaons.

Only calculating at first.

On the shelf computers, or computers that have a screen or the internet, were invented in 1969. these computers had google, video games, much more then the calculating machines had.

what the first on shelf computer looks like.

Computers have changed so much from when they were first invented and how they have changed can be exiting or scary. who knows one day we may have robots that do our daily chores such as walking dogs, dishes, or laundry.

It is scary because people have gotten smarter as they get older. As technology gets more advanced people, such as hackers, might try to get to your personal information such as bank account information and important stuff like that.


The future is exiting because of all the new technology we are capable of such as VR and military. VR means virtual reality. virtual reality is a three dimensional environment that people can interact with inside a computer. You can see in all directions and it feels like you are in a new world.

Examples of VR headsets.

FRom Simple calculating machine like this one.

To futuristic virtual reality. They have changed a lot.


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