Revolution: BREAKING DOWN WALLS Sr. Cecilia Nguyen

acts of determination & courage that break down walls, hindering opportunities or separating people from one another, is a theme that is present in revolution.

People from different faiths come together to break down barriers of segregation
Whites and blacks work together to break down the walls of segregation in the United States


I want to urge the members of the first Presbyterian to face these problems as Christians, to remember that we are Christians, and as such we are charged with keeping bitterness and hate out of our hearts... The good Lord expects us to be merciful to all, and to ask for mercy as well. to ask for grace. all men are equal on God's earth, in God's heaven, and in this fellowship. Let us pray.

- Pastor Marshall // Part I: page 84

"It's already started," say the man in the ticket booth. "I got money," I say. I shove a dollar of Mr. Lee's money under the glass. Man shake his head, but he give me back a ticket and seven cents. He don't say one word. I don't say one, neither. Just push open that door and walk inside, like I belong there, because the law say I do.

- Raymond Bullis // Part II: page 266

ANnabelle is soaked to the skin. her face wears the torment of not knowing. ... but there is a steady, unwavering look in her eyes. She will claim me. That is what her eyes say. She will claim me for her own, because she loves me. ... SHe takes one look at me waiting for her... I look at her like she's finally come for me, my mother. I have finally allowed her to come. ANnabelle flies across the waiting room to catch me up in her arms and lift that cold, heavy stone right off my heart.

Sunny Fairchild // Part III: page 478-479


Freedom Now button

This button represents Jo Ellen & the summer Volunteers for Freedom Summer. Together, they worked to tear down the barrier between black involvement in the U.S. Government by encouraging them to register to vote.

Movie tickets

These movie tickets represent Raymond and his own quest to break down the barriers of black involvement in the white Greenwood community. He challenged the Mississippi law by doing what the U.S. Government allowed all blacks to do through the Civil Rights Act.

Hot dogs

These ham sandwiches represent Laura mae, Sunny, and the rest of her family in their determination & courage to provide food for the volunteers who were put in jail. With this action, they encouraged the Freedom volunteers to keep doing their work of breaking down the walls that prevent blacks from being involved in society.


After 108 years, the Chicago Cubs finally win the 2016 World Series

The Chicago Cubs broke down their barrier of 108 years waiting to finally win the world series, which they did against the Indians in a 8-7 win. This victory showed the world that it is possible to break down walls that prevent one from achieving their dreams, through determination and courage.


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