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As your journey begins at the University of Florida, lots of students struggle to find their place on campus. This would include places to study, since being studious is a large part of our lives here at UF. The places that most of your friends and peers will go to are the libraries; Marston and Library West. But let me save you the trouble of trekking a backpack full of studying materials, heavy textbooks and laptop included, just to be turned away because there are no tables or rooms by introducing you to some unorthodox study spots on campus. Trust me, you will thank me later.

Disregard red pins. They are irrelevant to the locations I'm about to present. source:

Follow along on the map for clarification!

Location 1

Turlington Plaza
Turlington Plaza

When Turlington isn't full of crazies screaming obscenities at you, it's actually a pretty beautiful spot on campus to sit down and do a bit of work. I discovered this spot my fall semester of my freshman year while I was waiting for my group to meet out front of Marston and when I sat down and took some notes, I discovered what a great spot it was. Despite the hustle and bustle that I mentioned before, at the right time of day this is a quiet location if you want to be around nature, people, and be able to get some assignments done. Another added bonus? It's relatively central to everything important on campus like food and classrooms.

Location 2

One of many benches on the North Lawn in front of the Reitz Union

Whenever I go to the Reitz Union, I always walk by people peacefully studying under the trees on the North Lawn and it always looks incredibly relaxing. I've never done work there myself but I have just sat down and people-watched for a while. This location is literally in the center of everything, as the Reitz Union can be considered the center of campus. Another thing about this location is that the many times I've walked by or sat there, I've never heard any commotion or chaos; as opposed to Turlington Plaza. I don't know about you, but I prefer complete silence when I work or study so having a place to do that other than the library is always helpful.

Location 3

Area behind the Reitz Union

Continuing on with the theme of central location and the Reitz Union, the area behind the Reitz Union is an amazing place to do homework. It is so calm and has probably one of the nicest views and atmospheres on campus. I found out about this spot during my first week here at UF during a new student meeting that was held here. I was immediately entranced by this location because of how unbelievably tranquil it was.

Location 4

The atrium at Weimer Hall (College of Journalism and Communications)

This location is essential for J-school students like myself because it is close to my school as well as the PATH office located on the opposite side of the atrium. I was introduced to this spot during preview. Here is where our groups would move back and forth and all around campus through the breezeway as well as where students who are interested in the J-school go to learn about the school and it's achievements on the second day of preview. The first time I saw this place I loved it so much. It is secluded from everything going on around campus and gives you a perfect opportunity to just sit down and breathe. It also doesn't hurt that this location will be considered my home for the next four years.

Location 5

Murphee Area (behind the commons)
Murphee Area across from Racquet Club Dining

Even if you don't live in Murphee Area, it is still held to the reputation of being arguably the most beautiful living area on campus. I have been incredibly lucky to live in such a wonderful area my freshman year. The top photo is an area behind the Murphee Area Commons and is great for seclusion. It is like a little cubby because all of the dorms are surrounding you so it is separated from everything else. I spend time there when I have to do my laundry and also have to do schoolwork but the laundry room is too noisy and hot so I move outside. The second photo is a tiny area that is across from Racquet Club Dining (Moe's and Chomp It) and the Student Recreation Center. This is also an awesome feature of Murphee Area. The first time I saw this area was when I toured the campus of UF back in May of 2015 and this was the area that made me decide that if I was accepted into the school, this is where I would want to live because it was so gorgeous. Plus, you get a nice glimpse of the stadium without all the actual craziness of a football game.

Location 6

Plaza of Americas (source:

Unfortunately, this area is currently under renovation but this picture will have to suffice. I love this area so much. It is definitely a good spot of campus and it's also close enough to the library to be considered the library but since it is not inside the library you forgo the inconvenience of crowded tables and lots of people. This area is so great because if you're really inclined to, you can just sit on the grass and do your work. It is very minimal. I actually had one of my discussion sections last fall held on the Plazas and it was an incredible class all because we were just in nature.

Bonus Location

enos (Or hammocks) source:

"enos" are a specific brand of hammocks that are on the market and that students swear by. I've walked by students with theirs and it looks incredibly comfy and enticing. It basically wraps you up like a cocoon which I find pretty comforting. The best part about it though is that you can set it up anywhere! Just find two trees to connect it to and you're good to go. You get to make your own study spot which is pretty cool.


I hope this helps you when midterms roll around and you are left without a spot to study because let's face it, our dorm rooms just don't cut it 90% of the time. And if you don't get that out of this, then I hope you do get that no matter what you do or where you go at the University of Florida, there are so many ways to approach one thing. The diversity on this campus allows us to contribute new ideas and share different mindsets and that is one of the many beautiful things about this school. Happy studying!


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