India Madison

India borders China, Pakistan, Dhaka ,Burma, Kathramandu,

The capital of India is New Delhi (28.6139°N,77.2090°E
India is in the tropical zone, it is between the lines of 30°N and 0° {Equator}
the Himalayas is India's largest mountain range. Also the Himalayas is the largest mountain range in the world. The Ganges river is the most sacred to Hindus. Many who which live and depend on the river, when Hindus people die they throw there ashes into the river. The Indus river is the most important water supply to India, without it many people wouldn't have any water.
India's population is 1.252 billion, India has the second highest population in the world. India is a large country {that's running out of space}
#1:china #2:India #3:united states #4:Indonesia #5:Brazil
India is a devolving country. India's GDP per-capita is $1,498.87. If a country is developed there GDP is usually around $30,000. India is really bellow that so they are still developing. India's life expectancy is 66.212 years. if a country is developed there life expectancy is usually around 98 years, India is far from there so they are not developed.

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