What Is In The Constitution?

Artical 1

In the two houses of Congress there are the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The President is the head of the executive branch.

The Congress has to meet every year On the first Monday of December.

The House of Representatives creates the revune bills.

Each state receives two Senators. And a Senator serves six years in Congress. Alsi you at least have to be 30 years old to be a Senator.

Article 2

To become a president you have to be 35 year old and be in power for 4 years.

If a President dies or is removed the new President will be the Vice President.

Artical three

You are allowed to have nine supreme courts.

A Supreme Court will not be able to hear every case in the United States.

All 27 Constitution Amendments


Freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, petition


Right to bear arms (to protect the people against a government that becomes too powerful)


No quartering of soldiers


No unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant; right to privacy


Due process, eminent domain, no double jeopardy, right to remain silent (you can't be forced to testify against yourself) and the right to be tried by a grand jury for a capital offense


Right to a speedy trial


Right to a trial by a jury of your peers; no lawsuits under $20


No cruel and unusual punishment


Any rights not explicitly listed are automatically given to the people. (Meant to appease the Anti-Federalists)


Any powers not explicitly listed are automatically given to the states.


When states sue other states, it automatically goes before the Supreme Court. Residents of one state cannot sue another state. Another country can't sue the US and vice verse.


Creates a ticket for the presidency where the president and VP are elected togetheR


Abolishes slavery and gives congress the power to enforce abolition through legislation.


Defines citizens as people born in the US and prohibits the states from denying due process and equal protection under the law. Also states that the value of the debt must always be paid and honored, and cannot be questioned. Also excludes women from voting.


Voting rights will not be based on race.


Establishes an income tax


Direct election of senators




Women's suffrage


Shortens the lame duck period by moving the presidential inauguration from March to January.


Ends prohibition by repealing the 18th amendment


Limits the president to two terms in office


Washington DC is not a state, but gets 3 electoral votes.


Outlaws poll taxes


Outlines the direct line of succession for the presidency


Lowers the voting age to 18


Congress can't give itself a pay raise.

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