Capri, Italy My tiny escapes

I heard about Capri for the first time when Eartha Kitt purred its name in her fun disco number “Where is My Man” while doing my homework in the kitchen in 1983. Pencils flew as I got up to kitchen dance with my mum and brother, homework totally forgotten. At the time, I thought Sofia Loren and Eartha Kitt were the most divine creations under the sun. Capri sounded so sensual, so exotic ... far away from my high school girl problems but I knew there and then that one day, I would travel to Eartha’s Capri.

Eartha Kitt

The Faraglioni rock formations: every inch as beautiful as reported and although there were much, much taller people infront of me on the boat, little me managed to take a picture. A lesson learned and a tip perhaps for anybody wanting to take decent pictures, hire a private boat with other photographers (not too many though, rumour has it that other photographers are tall). I definitely will return to you dear Faraglioni.

The skipper explained to us that legend has it, if one kisses your partner while sailing through the archway, the relationship will last for ever and ever. I had no one to kiss so I planted a little kiss on my camera.

Initially, I wanted to explore Capri by myself ever the rogue explorer (cough), however, we were offered a private guided tour of Anacapri, a town further up and apparently less frequented by tourists and I am so, so glad I did. To get to Anacapri, our tour bus drove along a steep, two way, very narrow road famously referred to as “mamma mia”. It’s tighter than the dress Marilyn wore when she sang “happy birthday” to President Kennedy that I can assure you. The view was certainly breathtaking both times (RIP Marilyn).

Once in Anacapri, we were led to some interesting places; on the way to the gardens of Augustus, our guide led us to the Carthusian perfume stores. This perfume has a very interesting history and is unique to Capri - basically, in 1340 (the dates vary) a monk prepared a bouquet of flowers for a visiting queen and forgot about it. Three days later, the water had such an amazing fragrance that he took it to an alchemist. Today’s version has been refined and I believe prepared entirely by hand. I am difficult with perfumes but the lemon fragrance, oh my!! I regret not buying a bottle, they are hard to find off the island.


Piazza La Torre is where one can find some interesting things:

Casa rossa (red house) has a very interesting history and I regret not having time to linger here. I love to learn about the history of places, however, I understand that’s not everybody’s cup of tea, not even tea is everybody’s cup of tea.

Immediately opposite Casa rossa is this wonderful street art done by the artist Ozmone; a homage to Capri known in Greek mythology as the isle of the sirens.

To be honest, I had a totally different expectation of how Capri would be. It is filled with tourists and the harbor makes a rather inelegant first impression complete with shabby stores and waiters waiting to “get you” immediately after disembarking the boat. I could not shake off the “soulless and touristy” feeling. Perhaps Capri is a place that needs a less superficial approach of a one day trip, perhaps things start to become soulful when the droves of tourists leave and it can come out of it’s pod and go into full bloom like a little wallflower girl who no one really feels touched by until someone comes along and gives her time and catches the beautiful scent of her true persona. I’ll be back to give you time to unfold your perfume to me dear Capri I know you have many hidden treasures but you are not a fast girl, you want to be given time.

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”

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