KICK back into Soccer history of soccer

The game Soccer was created by another game called hacky sack, hacky sack it played with a small bean bag that you play with any part if your body except your hands. It's like soccer but you use a bigger ball, a certain amount of players, and a field.

The soccer ball was made out of pigs bladder in the 1800s and the 1900s.The balls were dependent on the size and shape of the pigs bladder.

Cleats were used so that you wouldn't slip when your going to fast, but back then their cleats wouldn't dig into the ground, so they would always slip when the run to fast and turn to sharply.

In 1817 a Rugby Football team started, but in 1863 a Football Association started. To avoid confusion the two teams created a nickname for the Rugby Football team. Then came up with "Soccer" by adding -er from a syllable of "association".

The U.S team was the best in the world, but it was hard to tell with the small crowds that showed up to their games. One day, When the best American women players and teammates walked onto the field they could hardly believe what they saw. More than 90,000 screaming fans filled the Rose Bowl, one of the largest sports arena.


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