Welcome to Kindergarten Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

As the summer winds down, soon-to-be kindergarten parents are anxious to prepare their kids for their first school experience. It won’t be long before the little ones are heading off to school in August with their new backpacks and venturing into their academic years (cue parental tears!).

While most families attended Gahanna’s Kindergarten Roundup events and have gotten to explore their new schools and meet teachers and staff, parents might still be wondering how they can best prepare their child for the year ahead. Kindergarten staff and teachers are here to help with the following tips.

Language arts and social studies academic officer, Erin Schmidt, encourages parents to check out Columbus Metropolitan Libraries and Metro Parks this summer if they’re looking for fun, stimulating activities. At the libraries, students can get their own library cards, participate in summer reading programs, explore different branches and check out books about places they’re going to visit or animals they see at the zoo. At the parks, Schmidt encourages parents and students to participate in programs, discuss pictures they take at the parks, tell stories about experiences, play and take walks while talking about the things they see.

“Don’t underestimate the power of playing with your children, having conversations and reading aloud to them,” said Schmidt. “These are great ways to prepare for school, and there is research to back these methods in supporting early learning.”

Megan McLean, Kindergarten teacher at Jefferson Elementary, recommends using the summer to create morning and bedtime routines that will work when the school year begins. The school day begins early, and many children will be tired as they adjust to their new schedule. By creating a predictable routine, such as brushing teeth, reading two books and turning out the lights at 7:30 p.m., children will be better prepared for their first day.

McLean also recommends talking about school and what to expect to soon-to-be Kindergartners to help alleviate any first day jitters. Taking kids to play on their new school’s playground and attending open house events are a great way to get children acquainted with their new environment. Parents also can find fun ways to practice writing and math at home with their children by writing their names in chalk or counting flowers in the garden.

It is important to keep children engaged over the summer to support a smoother transition into school. Supportive activities and experiences should focus on the joys of early childhood, including playing and talking.

“Beginning Kindergarten is a huge milestone for parents and Kindergartners alike,” said McLean. “Parents are expected to have tons of questions and to be filled with many emotions, but it’s important to remember that they aren’t alone. The school community is here to ensure they feel ready to begin the year. No question is too small, so please just ask your child’s teacher!”

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