Humans of 21st Century Schools By Cara Pugh


I most enjoy the students and teachers at my school. Surprisingly, my teachers are funny and nice. One thing I don't like about school is the fact that I am not allowed to use the elevators. I recognize that my 7th grade education is very different from my parents' education. They grew up in Mexico and had different standards and cultural differences. This makes school here more difficult because my parents had a hard time helping me with my school work.


I have moved to three different schools before third grade. When I moved from Charleston, SC, to Chicago, IL, the way that my teachers explained things was different. I wish that I could move anywhere in the U.S. and have similar teaching styles.


Teachers at my school don't appreciate my bilingual abilities. My first language is Spanish and when I speak to my Hispanic friends in Spanish I either get in trouble or my teachers do not respect me as much. I don't like the teachers at my school because they don't understand me and my background.


Going to college has been a big deal to my family and friends. People are always proud to hear that I am majoring in Mathematics and that I want to study Engineering. Attending college has been difficult. Some professors are not helpful and much of my success has been related to hard work and persistency. I am thankful to my high school that prepared me for college, but many high schools do a poor job of preparing their students which concerns me.


Attending a prestigious University is a gift. Attending UNC Chapel Hill as an out of state student with a scholarship has been a privilege. I have had a great experience so far at this school and I recognize that attending an academic magnet high school prepared me for the rigor of this school. I have many friends that are currently struggling in this environment and I recognize the role that K-12 plays in the success in a four year college. I plan to dedicate my career to preparing as many students for their careers, higher education, and other successful paths in their future.

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Humans of 21st Century Schools

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