HelpX Program Status january 27, 2017

HelpX Business Highlights

  • Contact Us 3.0: Chat stories for both front-end (region selection) and back-end (logs for ChatSkills) to improve both user and agent experience - released 1/24
  • CCL Enhancements: Removed "Adobe" prefix in product tags for Learn to accommodate beta and project-oriented Learn page titles - released 1/24
  • Globalization: PPB (Publish Package Builder) re-engineered to provide publishers with precise loc batch status to improve replication verification; MSM performance was improved and automation of i18n bundles installation was initiated - released 1/24
  • DMa consolidation: Template changes to support 3-level Product tag properties for AEM April release; Bulk Editor tool update for handling Beta content - released 1/24

Total stories and bug fixes delivered for Sprint 42

New functionality

  • AEM Search: Ability added to search NOT and EMPTY (and NOT EMPTY) for text properties (such as Path and External URL)
AEM Search can find files that are not live and create package publish them
  • QE Automation: Cucumber tool provides testing automation for various user scenarios (currently used for testing Contact Us 3.0 page) and to increase transparency and consistency of documentation
The consolidation of tech specs and testing specs provides greater transparency
  • Globalization: PPB reengineered to provide publishers with precise loc batch status to ensure latest files have been replicated to other locales successfully
PPB v2 now shows loc batch status based on individual file replication

Upcoming HelpX Stories

  • Personalization: Build prototype to pull in data from Sophia
  • Globalization: Workflow improvements and PPB2.0 refinement
  • Analytics: Contact Us 3.0 Coveo analytics integration
  • CCL: Begin publishing CCX collections for Learn through Loc author
  • Contact Us 3.0: Further refinements
  • DMa consolidation: Cloud Hub/User guide template changes for AEM 6.3 April release

Issue or blockers

  • None to report


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