Creative Cloud in Lab Environments Shared Device Licensing Update for Education ETLA Customers Nov 2019

Shared Device Licenses provide a great Creative Cloud experience for your students in the lab, allowing them to log-in and use their entitled Creative Cloud services with the latest complement of Adobe applications.

If you previously deployed Creative Cloud with a serial number or device license you were limited to a subset of desktop applications and no access to mobile apps or cloud services.

With Shared Device Licensing, you can offer an enhanced Creative Cloud experience in the classroom, including more applications like Adobe Rush, XD, Dimension, and Creative Cloud services.

For the most up-to-date information about Shared Device Licensing, please go to the links listed below:
Since the introduction of Shared Device licensing (SDL) for educational institutions in January 2019, these are latest enhancements since then:
  • Ability to apply a different access policy to different Labs.
  • Labs can be segmented by Active Directory OU, or LAN IP(s), or installed Package
  • Ability to designate Product Admins and Product Profile Admins, so that profile administration can be delegated to different Lab Admins.
  • Ability to directly recover licenses in the Admin Console
  • Users are presented with Shared Device reminder when launching & signing into CC Desktop or CC App
  • 90 Minute Account Confirmation window has been removed
  • Spark for for HED/K-12 (for Enterprise users) is now entitled with Fonts, Premier Rush video exports, Xd collaboration and InDesign Publishing.

The SDL packaging process will enable the continued use of the latest Creative Cloud apps in your labs and libraries.

Before beginning your transition to SDL, please review the minimum OS requirements for the CC versions compatible within the SDL environment,

Creative Cloud apps for Shared Devices

Creative Cloud apps are available for Windows 7, Windows 10 or later, and macOS Sierra 10.12 or later. 2019 versions of Digital Video products require the newest versions of Windows 10 and macOS Sierra or later. Windows 8.1 or early Windows 10 versions are not supported.

CC Application Requirements and Tutorials

Video & Audio
Planning Considerations
  • Who will access your lab machines?
  • How will you identify your lab machines?
  • Do you want to limit access in your shared environments?
  • Who will be in control of your labs?
  • How will users authenticate?
  • How will you manage your user list?
  • How will you deploy the software package to the destination workstations?

Who will access your lab machines?

Who will be in control of your labs?

How will users authenticate?

How will you manage your user list?

How will you deploy the software package to workstations?

How do students migrate their accounts once they leave the Institution?

For Enterprise-specific resources for Creative Cloud including security and deployment please check out the link below

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