Agumons Water Story The Adventure of a lifetime

I lived with my roommate Tai in the lake where we accumulated most of the time and I was fed up with the skelaton that I finally said "Know what I'm fed up with this place!" and Tai responded sorta chill. "Well we have been here for at least 400 years" "Well then what are we waiting for to the river tai" "ok Agumon"

"This is nice, there's no skelaton. I'm happy are you tai" I asked "yah I agree with you"accumulated in the river for about 200 years and we got sucked into an elaphant.

"Tai?" I asked "What's the problem?" He replied "WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!?!?" 200 had past since we've been inside this elephant until one day *Grumble Rumble* "D-did you here that?" I said stuttering. "I think the elaphant is useing the restroom." Tai said surprisingly. "Never thought I'd say this but I'm happy to get to the outside from the inside."

Get this the elaphant "wnent" in soil and there's no skeletons "this is cool its wet there's no skeletons." I said filled with glee. "Yeah but there's a lot of dirt." tai doesn't like dirt a lot. "I know but can you give it a try" "fine I'll try" "thank you tai" so after that about 800 years had past and suddenly were in a plant

"Man this is nice know what we're moving a lot let live here" I said "yah your right. Let's stay" 200 years past and he start to evaporate and go up into the clouds.

"This fluffy we should stay" I said even though I knew we wouldn't be able to stay as long as I hoped "yah I guess your right about that" tai said looking concerned 200 hundred years later we started to evaporate and go to the clouds

After 200 hundred years we started to precipitate because of the water cycle and came back to the lake *sigh* "whatever let's just stop trying to move and stay cause that's not gonna work" I said. Tai replied trying to be cheerful "hey it's not so bad here, at least we went someplace new, well I mean several new place's" an he was right.

That's all folks come back for more at cartoonstudent


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