Nature Activity at the Museum of Natural History Cameron Reagan

Nature On Display

I really liked this exhibit, mostly because it was so aesthetically pleasing. It captured my attention because it was enormous, and covered the walls. It really emphasized how many types of butterflies there are. Furthermore, the way it is organized highlighted how many variations there are of the same type of butterfly. Of course people can tell you that there are hundreds of types of butterflies, but this exhibit gave a more tangible example of how many variations there really are. I think this exhibit also helped to show how butterflies play an active role in the ecosystem and are more than just pretty things. It allowed me to view the species in a way I never had before, and gave me a new appreciation for nature and its beauty. I think seeing a new perspective or thinking about something in a way you never have before makes experiences more enjoyable, and that is how I felt at the exhibit.

Nature and Ethics

The left photos show many butterflies hanging in a lab. This exhibit explained the importance of studying the butterflies to help us understand evolution and the world around us. There were also exhibits detailing how important conservation is because insect play such a large role in the ecosystem. I think this is especially important now because we are seeing such severe climate change and the effects that it is having on our world. I think being in the museum did make me see the beauty in the land and that it has more than just economic value. I think it did help me to begin to love, respect and admire nature. This is because it showed me what a big impact even the smallest creatures can have on the environment. Seeing that impact showed me that small changes and small action can result in big changes and how easy it is to make changes for the greater good. It made me feel like I should be a part of helping to conserve ecosystems and work to stop global warming. Other people were in awe of the number of butterflies that surrounded us. It allowed all of us to connect to a specific species and see them in a way we never had before. I think this could potentially inspire many people to work to help conserve our environment, and admire the environment.

Nature and the Human Spirit

My favorite part about the butterfly exhibit is that they showed butterflies from every region of the world. I liked that the butterflies connect the world and demonstrate the majesty of the Universe. It showed how nature is something that is universal and unifying, which I thought was very powerful. I also loved the video footage of the butterfly migration because it is something that is so rare and beautiful. It makes us step out from just viewing ourselves, and seeing the world as bigger than just us. Viewing the butterflies also was a reminder that the world encompasses so many different living things and emphasizes that all of our interactions are important. I think it also brings attention to things that are actually important, like helping with conservation and protecting the environment. Nature is so beautiful and often so take for granted that it truly is wonderful to stop and appreciate it.

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