How To Make Your Life Easier By:Shane A. Mcadams

6.Running low on battery? Put you phone into airplane mode. This will prolong your battery life.

5.If you believe somebody gave you a fake number, read it back to them incorrectly. If they correct you its legit.

4.Stop using Google to research your school work but instead you for more relevant information.

3.Want to download a funny video from youtube? Just put ss into the url between www. and Youtube

2.Want a louder speaker or alarm? Just put your phone in a empty cup with the speaker facing down. It will play the sound louder.

1.Have a dirty microwave? Get a bowl of water put it in for three minutes and the steam will loosen any food particles for easy cleaning.

Bonus Fact! Want to dial happy birthday on your phone? Try this. 112163-112196-11#9632-969363.

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