My Tour of The Florida Museum of Natural History Landon Lowe

Nature on Display

This describes a now extinct massive ground sloth. The species' actually existed during the Ice Ages 10k+ years ago and died off as the glaciers started melting. I learned that even invincible looking species could be heavily impacted by change in climate; almost like a warning to humans. These creatures as I learned were some of the biggest most feared animals in the area and still suffered extinction.

Nature and Ethics

This picture is one of the environments in Florida: a special type of marsh called the tidal marsh. These marshes offer valuable protections from storm, filter out sediments and pollutants, and have wide varieties of species and the like. Leopold's views definitely apply here. The interaction and shear beauty of the organization of the ecosystem and the like draw us to conserve it although it does provide high long term economic value because of the losses it creates by acting like a barrier. Through other ecosystems like the Butterfly Garden, one could get a sense of the sheer greatness of nature and people interacted carefully with the species'. As Leopold says and I agree: People tend to protect the more beautiful animals and if the same approach was shown to ecosystems, the world would be a much better place.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The butterfly garden happened to give me a mysterious view of like seeing nature as otherworldly and special in its own way. Seeing the beautiful landscape which includes the small pond, the greenery, the citrus fruits that attracted certain species and the general awestruck audiences that strolled through the path, I was highly enlightened about how humans and nature should interact and how much better it would be if we preserved the nature. The museum shows how much greater nature is at even community levels than we generally get a chance to observe. This almost reminds us of how lucky we are to live in such a complex network and that any break in the chain will effect us in the long run.
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