Paine G.O. Hunter JacksoN Per. 6

Biography and Views: Thomas Paine wrote many good works like "The Rights of Man" he had also exemplified the deist outlook. He believed what he believed having his own opinions , like how he didn't really believe in churchs but his won mind. He understood people's beliefs, yet he believed in his own. He saw the importance of Jesus and God, though he saw them as an entity that wasn't so much real, but it was something that gave people hope and a sense of protection or peace. He saw that people should have rights, rights like voting or contributing to the government. He also said that "All hereditary government is in its nature tyranny". He didn't believe in a hereditary government nor having a king or a chief magistrate.

Influence: Paine helped people see that everyone can have an opinion, showing that he had his own towards religion and government. He also shows that some entities in religions can be seen to be something different than originally thought maybe a sign of hope or peace and so on. He also showed the ways government could go, and giving people an idea of bad and good governments.

Works: Paine wrote "Englishmen", "Common Sense", "The Rights of Man", and "The Age of Reason".

Focus Questions Answered:

  1. Paine believes in his own ideas and beliefs, seeing Jesus and God as entities not really real but a sign of peace or hope.
  2. The two modes of governments to prosper are the republic, a government by election, and a monarchy, a government by hereditary succession. Other writers recognized this, like Rousseau and Hobbes.
  3. Paine attacks hereditary governments because of how it give a person or group of people complete power over a society, seeing that society as property. A inherited object, something that you own. He wanted the society to be apart of the government, not being a piece of property to the government.

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