Overcoming my fear of water by Harry Taylor

When I was a little boy, I was afraid of water.

Deep water made me feel like I might drown.

All I could do was stand on the steps. I couldn't even float for a second.

We did have a pool, but I couldn't swim. It looked like fun, but I couldn't face the water.

Once we were swimming with our friends. I was standing at the edge of the pool when my friend Lawson pushed me in.

I nearly drowned.

As I fell in, I thought, why did he have to push me in? Why?

I also thought, how am I going to get out?

Luckily, my dad pulled me out.

A few years later I can swim.

I began my swimming lessons at Thornleigh.

My teacher Bronte helped me overcome my fear of water by making swimming fun for me. We got on really well and, before I knew it, I couldn't wait for swimming lessons to come around because I was getting better each time.

This year I swam in the swimming carnival for the very first time!

I now go swimming once a week at Ku ring gai Aquatic Centre!

Recently I have been working on improving my breaststroke.

I have met some new friends and I am now no longer scared of the water because I am now a good swimmer.

Created By
Harry Taylor


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