To Kill a Mockingbird Ryan Keefe

My death was inevitable. Despite having an amazing lawyer in Atticus, despite having an ample amount of supporting evidence for my case, and despite how innocent I may secretly appear to most of of Maycomb, at the end of the day, I'm black. Being black is the only factor that had me lose this case, and because of this trait I believe that an appeal process is pointless. In fact, I believe attempting to escape would have much higher odds for me to survive rather than attempting the appeal. This is why I'm running right now - out of breath; I need a break. I stop to catch my breath and hydrate my dried out lungs quickly before they find me. I sit behind a bush, trying to keep quiet and out of anyone's sight. I can't hear anything over my heavy panting, which is why I'm shocked when I hear a gunshot. A group of police were aiming fire at me, and I try to run away. As I run, I feel a bullet graze the hairs on my arm. I hear shouting and stampeding coming from behind, so I turn my head to look back, and as I do, I trip over a branch.

I am limping down the street right now. The sun is beating down, and I'm really hungry. Something smells really bad and I think it is my fur. I have been walking for the past hour, and I finally come across some people standing outside. I start walking towards them and I begin to bark. They appear to think I'm dangerous. I am going to start barking angrily now so I can scare them off because I think they might attack me. I see one man hand a gun over to the other. The man with the gun removes his glasses and points the gun. I don't know what he's doing, but there are around 3 other people watching this happen. I think he may be aiming the gun at me! I'm frightened, and because of my injured leg, I can't run. The only thing I can do is bark in attempt to defend myself. I hear a gun shot go off.

After playing games based around the legend of Boo Radley, Dill, Jem and I have become very inquisitive about what he looks like and what he does inside all day. We are just about to walk up to his house, to peak through his window to spy on him. I'm really nervous because I don't know what will happen to us if he catches us. Dill, Jem and I start walking up to the back of his house, and as they sit down hiding from Boo, I bravely begin to peer through the window and see a man sitting on the couch, wearing a hat, sipping on a drink. I quickly recede from the window in fear of him scoping me out. As I put my head up to look back in, I feel a shadow hover over me and Jem and Dill start to run. I follow, and I climb the fence before Jem can get over. Jem gets his pants caught in the fence, so he has to run only in his underwear with us. I would usually laugh if this happened, but my mind is completely taken over by the thought of what is going to happen to us if Boo catches us. We safely arrive back to the house, where our parents are waiting for us. We lie and say that we were just playing a game, and since Jem lost, he had to walk around without his pants on. I knew we were safe now.

I'm soaked in sweat after the long trial that just took place. It's still hot and muggy, and I can't imagine what the crowd in the court house is feeling like - especially the blacks sitting in the second level. It's already been an hour since we have been in this secret room trying to determine the fate of Tom Robinson. I know he's innocent, and so does everybody else, but I'm the only one who has voted him innocent. All other 11 people have voted him guilty, and it seems like they won't change their mind. I want to do the right thing and save this mans life, but I know that everybody else is just too afraid to change their minds. They don't want to be seen in society as letting a black man free after rape, as everyone would shun them. It's been another 40 minutes, and I finally say in a deep, dry, hoarse voice, "I change my mind. I think he's guilty." We go back out and announce our verdict, and all I can do is bow my head in shame.

This assignment helped me see through the eyes of the characters which assisted me in understanding the important scenes in To Kill a Mockingbird better. Knowing these scenes really helped me understand the entire book in general as the main themes were based around these important parts. This assignment also helped me understand the overall characters and their personalities and behaviors. This got me to get a better grasp of what this book was about and the significance of it. One scene I did was based around something that happened, but was not actually described in the book. This made me understand a lot of things in the book that were important but not explained thoroughly. Some other scenes that I wrote actually were explained, and this assignment just made me understand what each character was thinking during each scene which also helped me understand each scene better because it made me go more in depth.

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