Zebra LILLIAN butz

Zebras can up to 1,000 lbs

and can be 5 feet tall

Zebras are found in the Savanna and are black and white. Zebras also weigh 1,000 lbs and are 5 feet tall. Also Zebras are a mammal.

Also Zebras are a herbivore which means they only eat grass. for example Zebras eat common finger grass , plain grass, and shrubs.

Zebras are found in the Savanna grasslands. If Zebras were under attack they would gather up in a herd and so if the attacker tried to attack the Zebras the attacker wouldn’t be able to focus because of their stripes.

Also if something dangerous came they would gather up like I just told you.

Willdabeast , Leopards , Hyenas , and Wild dogs all of those animals are predators to the Zebra family. To protect them from all of those animals they gather up in a herd.

What I learned was that Zebras gather up whenever they are attacked and that Zebras weigh 1,000 lbs!

Also i didn’t know that Zebras are part of the horse family and i didn’t know that Zebras are 4 feet tall and live alone.


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