Museum of legend cars


Welcome to the Legend car museum we make and customized cars just for you customize edid the color of of your car anyway you like you decide which kind of injin you want you put whatever you want on it and we will make the car of you dreams!!!

super fast cars

This is one of the cars we made.

look shaq is driving won of our cars

this is one of the fastest cars in the world there are only for of them and we made two of them

these are more of the cars we made

You tell us what type of car you want we make it from scratch just how you like it are workers will make the wate all worth it.

welcome to the lowrider exhibits


som of the best lowrider we made

we make some of the best lowriders out their

see how people love ore cars

welcome to are feature car section

this is a session from som af are sponsors

som cars from our sponsors

and that is are wed sight make shore you by one of are cars their simply the best!!!

Created By
Norell Cook


Created with images by Damian Morys Photography - "LP640." • MichaelGaida - "lamborghini racing car auto" • Gamma Man - "Virginia Motor Sport Club (VMSC) at RIR" • Gamma Man - "Virginia Motor Sport Club (VMSC) at RIR" • Felix Berndt Photography - "Abu Dhabi Police - Lykan Hypersport (Official Press)" • W_Minshull - "Red Bull Hangar" • davisanchez - "McLaren MP4-12C" • Philippe Put - "ori bugatti" • daveparker - "Lowrider" • dok1 - "Lowrider Pickup (2)" • vitor roa - "untitled image" • jdr3505 / Jim Rosebery - "Low car, great hydraulics" • dok1 - "Chevrolet S10 Lowrider" • Ms. Phoenix - "lowriders" • Phillip Pessar - "Lowrider Wynwood" • gavilla - "japan design car" • rulenumberone2 - "DeLorean" • Dominic's pics - "Gordon Murray Design: RAC Future Car Challenge" • jaguarmena - "Jaguar C-X17 crossover concept in Dubai" • Don McCullough - "Tesla Model X front view" • Dominic's pics - "Radical SRZero: RAC Future Car Challenge"

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