Good Life Tour of the Harn Josue Collado

Medium of the Art: This figure of a fancy dress masquerade was the definitely the most appealing and striking art in the museum. The detail of the materials used to create this from the head piece to the mask to the riffles was absolutely spectacular. It shows a very vibrant person that is full of culture and different lifestyles. This type of fancy dress is very popular in costal and central Ghana. There are yearly festivals that feature these dresses and hold competitions to challenge natives on creating the most innovative face mask. Seeing such a dress has challenged me to find out more about African culture and the rituals they partake in.

Design of the Museum: The use of the outdoors combined with the rock garden was the most visually appealing wing of the museum to me. It was such a peaceful area and resembled the good life to me with the flow of water connected to nature. It seems like a very place to relax one's mind and I would definitely see myself going back to do. This area made me feel much more relaxed than other parts due to how I was able to focus on life and nature compared to individual people or their artwork.

Core Values: The Latin American exhibit was very interesting to me and spoke to my core values. Growing up as Latin American descent, it was very inspiring to see the work of famous Latin artist and the history behind them. It seemed that most Latin artworks depicted the people as family oriented and hard working. This speaks greatly to my core values and the individual I will always inspire to be. The painting on the right titled "Casita al mar" by Emilio Sanchez was very appealing to me as well because it reminded me of where my parents lived when they were young. The house is what a typical Dominican house looks like in the country side, bright with colors and lots of open space indoors to keep it cool. It is very interesting to compare the pictured house to my uncle's who lives in the countryside of the Dominican Republic by the water as well.
Art and the Good Life: The artwork that most resembled the Good Life to me was the figure of the Seated Bodhisattva. According to its description, a bodhisattva is a merciful Buddhist saint that refrains from entering enlightenment due its compassion for others to reach the same goal. This resembles the theme that the Good Life isn't all about personal achievements and individual growth, it involves caring and giving to others as well. This is very impactful to me as I value service very high and desire to improve the lives of as many people as I can.
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