It's ValenTIME Social Media Campaign

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate LOVE and stop the spread of various forms of hate such as STIGMA. Throughout the TB journey, people affected by TB experience rejection, hopelessness, loneliness, societal shame, broken relationships, or job losses, all as a direct or indirect result of TB stigma. This Valentine’s Day let us address stigma and the spread of hate.

Valentine’s Day should be a day to #chooseLOVEnotSTIGMA

5 steps to making Valentine's Day a big HIT!

Step 1 : Select the image for TWITTER, FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM 💖

Step 2: Choose a message 💝

Talking about TB is not Taboo, this #ValentinesDay let us #chooseLOVEnotSTIGMA. #EndTB @StopTB 💖💕💗
As a friend once said, “I have TB. I need care and support. Not stigma”. This #ValentinesDay #chooseLOVEnotSTIGMA. #EndTB @StopTB 💖
Our main enemy is STIGMA. If we beat stigma, we will beat TB. This #ValentinesDay #chooseLOVEnotSTIGMA. #EndTB @StopTB 💕
TWEET: Can I propose, that this #ValentinesDay let us #chooseLOVEnotSTIGMA. #EndTB @StopTB 💗

Step 3: Post it and make sure to add the hashtag: #chooseLOVEnotSTIGMA ❤️

Step 4: Update your banner! See below Banner ideas for all your social media channels 💗

Facebook and Twitter
Facebook and Twitter

Step 5: Finally, it's time to update your social media profile picture and celebrate Valentine's Day 💖

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