Isaiah Needs a Kidney Please share his story #KIDNEYFORISAIAHJENKINS

Isaiah Jenkins has been battling kidney disease since a young age and is now waiting for a life saving transplant as his kidneys have now failed. Isaiah is currently on dialysis to help his kidneys filter waste while he waits for a life saving kidney transplant.

Isaiah has been reluctant to share his story or complain to anyone. Yet now he must receive a transplant as soon as possible or face the possibility that a further decline in his health will make it impossible to have one. The answer is a living kidney donation, which can be done immediately and save Isaiah’s life.

Isaiah's blood type is O. He can only receive a kidney from an O donor. The + and – do not matter. (A lot of people don’t know their blood types. Don’t worry: We have simple blood type testing kits available.) Potential donors must be free of kidney disease, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, kidney stones, high blood pressure, and obesity.

If you do not have O blood type and are willing to become a living kidney donor - YOU CAN STILL HELP SAVE HIS LIFE. You can enter the National Kidney Paired Exchange Program. Click below for more information regarding the National Kidney Registry. In a paired exchange, a donor will donate their kidney to another recipient in exchange for a compatible kidney for their loved one. In the example to the right, the first pair, a mother and her son are incompatible. The second pair, a husband and his wife are also incompatible. In this exchange, the mother donates to the wife of the second pair and the husband donates to the son in the first pair. Often compatible pairs enter into a paired exchange to get a better match donor.

Kidney Paired Exchange

The transplant will take place at The Montefiore Einstein Center for Transplantation, one of the most active and successful programs in the country.

To inquire about becoming a living donor please visit montefiore.donorscreen.org or click button below. You will need Isaiah's's date of birth (10/12/1991) and the answer if he is currently on dialysis (Yes)

LIVING DONATION is a voluntary gift of one kidney (we only need one) by a person who is able. The benefit of a living donation is that it can be done immediately and SAVE Isaiah’s life.

It is a safe, successfully proven, laparoscopic procedure. Donors are tested thoroughly to ensure a HEALTHY outcome for both the Donor and the Recipient. All medical expenses, travel, lodging, and time lost at work by the donor are covered. A living donor is someone who is willing and able to donate one of their kidneys to save the life of another person.

We know Kidney donation is not right for everyone. Many cannot donate, or choose not to. But we ask you to SPREAD THE WORD. Send this message to as many people as you know. Learning about living donation will save Isaiah's life and the lives of others with kidney diseases.