Confessions James patterson

New York, this is a suspicious spot because there is a lot of places in New York, and very densely popular. Knowing this creates a lot of suspense because you never know when or where the killer is going to strike next.

New York, is the location and there are various places that they have been to already, Central Park, their mansion, the school Fade Haven. The school is a very medieval theme. Suspicious feeling because there are many unknown rooms. Their mansion has very goofy furniture, bright colors, abstract shapes. Very silly feeling overall.

My novel takes place in present day, spring in New York. This is actually really interesting because all the spots in the book are based on actual places, just renamed and designed which in mentioned by the author on their blog. By the authors description I can imagine all the rooms in their mansion from top to bottom. Even which cabinet their key to their parents safe is.

Many buildings and traffic around the area. Little visible trees besides the ones in Central Park. the weather is cold usually and it rarely rains. The air is foggy at times but clears by noon.

It's very densely populated, most are white or tourist from Korea and Japan. The tourist mention in the book is an important part because when Adele Church was killed, the tourist circle her body taking photos and videos. Tandy gets upset and lashes out on them. Unable to control anger is a side effect from the drugs. This makes me feel a little disgusted that tourist would take photos and videos of a dead body with no mercy or care rather than "oh my god". Most of the people that live there are local New Yorkers.

Although he doesn't describe the clothing, it is mentioned that they have phones with text. Nothing much more is used to describe their phones. There is also drugs that are very powerful to the human mind, it disables all emotions but anger. This drug is a pill that was so powerful even when Tandy's favorite person, her sister, died, she didn't cry once. This shows modern time because the power of these drugs, because drugs in the olden days wouldn't be that powerful.

Suspenseful, empathy. Suspense because you never know who is going to be killed next. Empathy for Tandy because her life is jut flipped upside down.

The many different areas in New York provide suspense to the story, as well does how densely crowded it isn't. It's very interesting to see where there a new murder.


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