Black-Hawk County Waterloo, Iowa By: Becca Pistek, Iowa History P.4

It was named after the Sac leader who lost the war that bears his name. John Deere has a plant in Black-Hawk County. Waterloo had a conference of Human Rights and wanted to get rid of racial issues. Adam DeVine was born in Waterloo Iowa. He is a tv actor. 132,546 is the population in Black Hawk County. Cedar, Cedar Falls, East Waterloo, and Eagle.

Adam DeVine
Northeastern Part of Iowa

Black-Hawk County is 2 hours and 22 minutes away from Albia,Iowa. It is 121.8 miles from Albia.

My opinion of Black-Hawk County is that it it very cool and it has to do a lot with agriculture, which I am interseted in.

Waterloo, Iowa

Conclusion: Black-Hawk County has several major townships in it. It was named after the Sac leader who died in the war of Black Hawk. Black-Hawk county has 132,456 people in the county. Adam DeVine was born in Waterloo, Iowa. It is 2 hours and 22 minutes from Albia, Iowa.

The name came from the Sac leader who fought in the Black Hawk War. A county that touches my County is Bremer and it is North of Black-Hawk County. La Porte City, i would say is the coolest name in Black-Hawk County.

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