Household Items PH Lab Clarissa Gaona Romero

Hot Sauce (Valentina) Thick, flowy consistency, deep red, sourish smell PH=4.5: Acid
Strawberry Flavoring: Red wine color, sweet odor, liquid consistency , PH=13: base
Milk: White, liquid, soft smelling, PH=6.87: acid
Ranch: vinegar/sour smelling, thick creamy consistency, white with brownish-greenish specs, PH=2.3: acid
Mustard: Sour smell, thick, yellow, PH=3: acid
Dish-Washing Soap: Blue, clean smelling, semi-thick consistency, PH=9: base
Ketchup: Red, very sweet smell, thick consistency, PH=4: acid
Mayonnaise: Beige, thick, creamy, oily, PH=7.51: base
Tomato Paste/Sauce: Thick, deep red, PH=5: acid
Dove Body Wash: White, creamy & smooth texture, sweet, peony, beautiful smell, PH=7: Neutral
Pantene Shampoo: White, creamy & smooth texture, sweet smell, PH=6: acid
Honey: Yellow, thick slow-moving consistency, very sweet, PH=11: base
Plain Greek Yogurt: Bitter, White, creamy, smooth, thick consistency, PH=3: acid
Cream Cheese: Very thick consistency, white, neutral smell, PH=5.729: acid
Face Wash: Orange, thick, clean smell, PH=1.98: acid

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